"Everything you need to run your Manufacturing company"

Cashflow forecasts, stock valuation and monthly performance reports

All the information your Manufacturing company needs to succeed

Are you a manufacturing business with a turnover of up to £750,000 and around 1-10 employees
Do you find the following is true?
Do you have trouble valuing your material, WIP and tooling stocks?
Do you have shortage of cash and want to improve your cashflow?
Do you suffer from high wastage in production?
Do you want to know how much ROI you can expect from your machinery investment?
Do you want all the information in front of you that you need to run your business effectively every month?
All these questions are solved with 
Manufacturing Accounting

Combining Financial Management and Accounting for Manufacturing

We are CIMA Accountants with a history of production in Manufacturing companies. We understand CNC machines, lathes, milling, sheet metal and much more. We combine our knowledge of this industry with Accounting information to deliver the numbers your business requires to succeed. You will be able to track your Business performance from one period to the next, see rising costs and inefficiencies in production and get unlimited support and advice
We are your finance partner and aim to provide a service which adds value to your business

What is Manufacturing Accounting?

A monthly service that is for manufacturing companies like yours
We provide an all in one solution to:

  • Understand and forecast your Cashflow and identify periods of cash shortfall
  • Issue invoices the same day as your deliveries and chase customer payments
  • Track and report your organisational performance on a monthly basis and provide you with important insights to base your decisions
  • Provide you with all the information you need to make the best investment in new machinery and ensure a ROI for your business

Everything’s included

  • ​​​​​​​Invoicing and debt control
  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Customer profit analysis
  • Best costing for your business to improve pricing
  • Monthly performance reporting showing inefficiencies and wastage in production
  • Bookkeeping and management accounts
  • Investment appraisals
  • VAT returns
  • We can also carry out your year end accounts or liaise with your current accountants reducing their workload which may also reduce their annual fee

Get monthly insights tailored to your Manufacturing business

Sales Breakdown

Get a breakdown of each type of sales you make every month

Month by Month Tooling Usage

See a breakdown of tooling costs every month and discover trends against number of parts made

Detailed CashFlow Forecasts

Get detailed three month Cash Flow forecasts with a visual graph to identify issues before they happen

How we helped Elite Manufacturing Solutions Ltd

Stock control and valuation

We implemented a weekly stock control system which tracked tooling and material usage. This was critical to their processes as using too much of either can result in thousands of pounds being lost. The stock control allowed Elite to see wastage and inefficient production and gave them time to implement plans to reduce this before it became an issue. We saved Elite over £10,000 in wastage in the first year working together. This system is now used at year end to value stock, tooling and WIP

Created Budgets

We created budgets to allow Elite Manufacturing to track actual performance against predetermined performance indicators but also to compare against prior years, months and year-to-date. This allowed Elite to see trends and forecast future sales. It had the further benefit of allowing the managing director to see where capacity will be stretched

Improved cashflows

We created cashflow forecasts to help Elite track their outgoings and cash position each month. This allowed them to forecast capital investment purchases and just as importantly forecast purchases of stock needed to fulfil customer orders. We also integrated a new invoicing practice which resulted in customers paying quicker. Elite’s cashflow has now thrived and they have more than triple on their bank balance thanks to our combined efforts

Pricing plans and signing up

All prices exclude VAT

How it works


We will set up your Accounting software and introduce you to your personal chartered Accountant and point of contact


You will receive unlimited Accounting support from your personal Chartered Accountant through email and chat


You will send over your receipts, capital asset list and purchases and invoices by email to your Accountants email address and we will get these straight onto your Accounting software the same day


We will prepare end of month performance reports for your business and send them straight to your email providing insights on sales, VAT, costs and profit margins