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Is it easy to switch Accountants?

Switching accountants will be no issue. All you have to do is inform your current accountants that you would like to switch and then we get in contact and handle the process from then on importing all your current data in our systems.

Can I view my companies performance on a regular basis?

Using our Software and service you can view your transactions anytime on your mobile or signing in online. The performance information will be presented to you monthly. This can also be viewed online or on your mobile using an App anytime. We can also present performance information on a PowerPoint presentation.

I like my Accountants do I have to leave them to use your service?

No you don’t. If you love your existing accountants we can work with them and produce performance information for you from their information. It may limit your options but its definitely possible

Will you take care of all my finances?

Yes we can, starting from setting you up on our software or using yours. We will record the transactions, prepare the management accounts and management performance reports right through to year end and a year end management report we will have you covered. Essentially performance and accounting all in one solution

What If I use another Accounting software?

We can either use your existing accounting software to produce your accounts and performance reports or we can migrate you onto our software. We can use Xero, Sage or QuickBooks.

Is the fee charged fixed?

The fee is fixed for a minimum of 2 years when we first sign you up giving you peace of mind on the fee, there is also flexibility in the contract meaning if we do extra work here and there we wont charge. This does not mean you have to stick with us it will be a monthly rolling contract but we want to give all clients a concrete price going forward.

How much will your service cost me?

This is a difficult question as it depends on the customer however what we like to do is whatever we charge you we want to add value so we try and save you money in order to more than make up for a fixed fee.

Will I have a personal accountant and point of contact?

Yes you will, each client will have a personal Chartered accountant who will also be your point of contact and guide you in all decisions and provide free help and suppor

Will You Save My Company money?

We will try our best to advise on rising costs and inefficiencies in your process so you are well placed to reduce these costs in the future. We can also help with costing systems

Why should my company use you?

Because we will make a difference to your company and add value. We do more than other accountants. We help you reduce cuts, we help you to grow and we help you improve performance in an all in one package.

Can I work with you no matter where my business is based?

Yes you can. Our systems are all cloud based meaning we can send you the information you need anywhere in the UK. We can also visit your premises for meetings and discuss how we can help you with any business issues you have.

Do you offer a trial period?

In some cases we can offer a 1 month trial period in order to prove how much difference we can make to your business. This depends on the circumstances and can be run next to your existing performance information and accounts to help you see the difference.

How do you break down profitability?

We can show you how much profit you are making from each location you trade in, each product and each customer makes you. It all starts from how the transactions are recorded through bookkeeping from then we will be well placed to show you all the figures for big decisions.

Can you help with VAT registration, incorporation and provide a registered office?

We can help new companies with incorporation and VAT registration. We can also act as a registered office.

Can I use your software on my mobile?

Yes you can. Both the performance information and accountancy apps can be used from your mobile.

Do you provide training and advice?

We provide free training and advice to all clients and it is unlimited. We will not charge you a penny more for it.

What experience do you have?

We are Chartered Management Accountants and specialise in internal performance management figures to help you grow your business. We also have years of experience being finance managers in industry.

What experience do you have?

We are Chartered Management Accountants and specialise in internal performance management figures to help you grow your business. We also have years of experience being finance managers in industry.